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La Shtora - your reliable partner in creating coziness in your home!

Our history of producing tulle and curtains spans 24 years of harmonious development. La Shtora is a family journey that began three generations ago and has transformed into a unique experience and manufacturing culture. With each passing year, we acquire new knowledge and technologies, remaining true to our mission - to create an unparalleled atmosphere of comfort for our clients.


From measurements to installation - we put in maximum effort to ensure that each stage of window decoration proceeds smoothly and seamlessly. Our mission is to create a sense of comfort for our clients, helping them enjoy the comfort and aesthetics of their space.


Choose La Shtora for sophisticated solutions and a warm atmosphere in your home!

About us



Decorating a bright apartment with white bamboo tulle, which is light and lets light through well.


Decoration of a country house. A cozy kitchen, where we installed roller blinds in a caramel shade


Monochrome blackout curtains and batiste tulle for a cozy apartment in an old building with an incredible history.

Our advantages


Sewing in 1-2 days


Fabrics are available

We fulfill orders with high quality and speed. You don't have to wait months for an order

All fabrics are available, and a large assortment of products. We present about 100 types of curtain fabrics and tulle. 



We have the best prices on the market. Our slogan is exquisite things - at reasonable prices.

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