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with. Solonka

Family suburban coziness

Decoration of a house outside the city.

A living room with a large panoramic window and a fireplace for warm family evenings.

The dimensions of the eaves are 5.68 m

Curtains fabric Petek - microvelor in 106 caramel shade

The width of the curtains is 4+4 m

Tulle milk bamboo - light translucent tulle

Width 8 m

Amount: UAH 6,200

In the kitchen, we installed a roller blind in beige 814 shade of Sunset fabric and in the office in light gray 815 shade

Amount: UAH 2,605

The bedroom is decorated in the same caramel shade of Petek 106 fabric and milky bamboo tulle.

Cornice 2.5 m

Curtain 2.5+2.5 m

Tulle 5 m

Amount: UAH 3,860

The total cost of the project is UAH 12,665*

*the price includes fabric, tailoring, steaming, hanging, cornices, blinds and installation.

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